2-Hour Session Microsoft Excel Critical Skills



Microsoft Excel Critical Skills

Microsoft Excel Critical Skills Summary

This course is designed to teach core skills using the installed version of Excel (not the online version).
You can use the installed version on your desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Surface device.
Excel has become a valuable industry standard. Whether it is used to create a budget, list information, or
improve math accuracy, it is a very useful resource. There are also some concepts that will immediately
improve your productivity and open your eyes to a new way of creating spreadsheets. The course will
focus on the most popular as well as the least understood concepts. After the course, you will have a
deeper appreciation for the building and manipulation of spreadsheets.

The course will cover the general Formulas such as Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum, as well as
manually entered formulas. The Formatting chapters will cover the Font, Alignment, Number,
Borders, and Fill Cell features. The Printing chapter will cover Repeat Title, Print Area, and Print
Selection as well as how to Scale a sheet to fit a typical sized page. The Appendix is optional but we will
review Data Entry Techniques and Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Even if students have previously used
Excel on some level, or are self-taught users, they will learn a new variety of short cuts and time-saving
tricks to enhance spreadsheet use. After studying this group of chapters, students will experience a higher
level of increased productivity and understanding of Excel concepts.

Concepts Covered:
• Learn different ways to create formulas.
• Learn the most important Formatting features.
• Learn the most productive Printing features.
• Learn ways to manipulate columns and rows.
• Learn to insert, manipulate, and navigate through sheets.
Optional Topics
• Learn how to enter data efficiently.
• Learn the available short cut Keyboard command.