2-Hour Session Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions



Microsoft Excel Formulas And Functions

Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions Course Summary

This course is designed to teach Formulas and Functions using the installed version of Excel (not the
online version). You can use the installed version on your desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Surface device.
The primary skills covered in this course are Formulas and Functions. This topic is probably the most
requested one because it is the primary job of Excel to manipulate information. If one function doesn’t
work properly, you must apply a different strategy. However, without a diverse knowledge of the
available features, it can be difficult to accomplish. Often times, users need to develop a formula using
functions in Excel but are unaware of its many capabilities. After acquiring a diverse knowledge of the
various Excel functions, they are able to discover the perfect function for their intended purpose. We will
first cover Range Names and Formulas that cross over multiple sheets. Also, we will cover Text,
Date/Time, Financial, Informational, and Math/Trig functions that can be used for specific purposes.
Finally, we will discuss Logical IF Statements, Lookup, as well as Database functions.

Concepts Covered:
• Learn the purpose of Range Names.
• Learn how to create Formulas across sheets.
• Learn project dates using Date/Time Functions.
• Learn to manipulate text using Text Functions.
• Learn some of the Information Functions.
• Learn If Logic using Logical Functions.
• Learn how to use Lookup Functions such as Vlookup.
• Learn how to use Database Functions.