2-Hour Session Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables



Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Course Summary

This course is designed to teach PivotTables using the installed version of Excel (not the online version).
You can use the installed version on your desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Surface device.
PivotTables are used to summarize large databases of data into a more manageable visible layout. Often
times, it will be necessary to analyze data in different ways from a single data source. Those that
understand what a PivotTable can do seem to have a greater desire to learn more. You will be able to see
your data from a different perspective and will better understand specific results. For example, if you
compare your data by product and month, you will be able to see which month has the higher
concentration of sales. Also, if you do not use a PivotTable to view the information, it may be difficult
and sometimes impossible to understand. Hopefully, this course will open your eyes to the true purpose of
PivotTables and you will see the layout in a new, exciting light. The PivotTable subjects covered are
Filtering, Formatting, PivotCharts, Layout Adjustments, and Calculation Capability.

Concepts Covered:
• Understanding PivotTables
• Filter and Slicer Feature
• Formatting a PivotTable
• Create a PivotChart
• Adjusting the field position and Layout
• Adding Formulas and Value Field Settings