2-Hour Session Microsoft Excel Worksheet Manipulation



Microsoft Excel – Worksheet Manipulation

Microsoft Excel Worksheet Manipulation Course Summary

This course is designed to teach worksheet manipulation using the installed version of Excel (not the
online version). You can use the installed version on your desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Surface device.
This course will cover Creating & Modifying Spreadsheets, Insert/Delete Sheets, as well as
Manipulating Columns and Rows. The Table feature will compare differences between a Table and a
Normal Range. The Chart feature will reorganize the data source and cover various Chart types to
demonstrate how to modify Chart elements for enhanced presentations. Protection, Validation, and
Conditional Formatting will also be covered in the course.

Concepts Covered:
• How to Insert and Delete sheets.
• How to manipulate columns and rows.
• How to sort, filter, and manipulate a range.
• How to create a Table.
• How to protect cells.
• How to open a file with protection.
• How to format cells based on specific conditions.
• How to validate a cell.
• How to create a dropdown list.