2-Hour Session Microsoft Outlook Communication Strategies



Microsoft Outlook Communication Strategies

Microsoft Outlook Communication Strategies Course Summary

Outlook will strengthen and improve all communication skills within a company. You can use Outlook
Online from any web browser and from any smart device. However, it is necessary to know how to set up
Out-Of-Office-Assistant, AutoSignature, Rules, and many other behind the scenes capabilities. People
Online is also a companion product where email contacts and contact lists are stored, and Calendar
Online is another product that ties in to Outlook Online. This course will specifically cover Outlook,
People, and Calendar Online.

Furthermore, this class is designed to teach Email skills using the online version of Outlook (not the
installed version). The online version of Outlook will allow you to send email from anywhere and from
any device, but the installed version must be on a specific device such as your desktop, laptop, or
Microsoft Surface device.

Concepts Covered:

Outlook Online Viewing Options
This course will cover the interface and core concepts of Outlook Online.

Outlook Online More Options
More Options on the mail screen have some very useful capabilities. The provided courseware will cover
all options available.

Outlook Online Settings
Online Settings will establish how email will be viewed and will set automatic features. The provided
courseware will cover all features as time permits.

People Online
The People pane will allow you to add contacts for use in Email, Calendar, and Tasks. We will not go
into great detail, but will cover how it integrates with the other applications.

Calendar Online
If your web-based Calendar and your desktop Outlook Calendar are synced, you will be able to add
events in either location (web browser or your desktop Outlook) and everything will be automatically
updated. You can add additional people to your meetings, view availability, change dates, and cancel a
meeting. If you need to share your Calendar with co-workers, simply choose the permissions desired.