2-Hour Session Microsoft PowerPoint Animating Graphics



Microsoft PowerPoint – Animating Graphics

Microsoft PowerPoint Animating Graphics Course Summary

This course is designed to teach animation features using the installed version of
PowerPoint (not the online version). You can use the installed version on your desktop,
laptop, or Microsoft Surface device.

If you are tasked to create a presentation that is exciting and dazzling, then this course
will help you to animate various objects. The emphasis of this course is to demonstrate
how to use graphic images most effectively in presentations and animation techniques.
Since pictures can be taken with any phone device, we will discuss ways to use these
pictures such as transparencies, overlays, and softening techniques to provide an overall
professional look. We will then discuss at various techniques which will animate the slide
using graphic images. We will also introduce many special animation effects and slide
transition techniques.

Concepts Covered:
• Graphic Manipulation
• Preset Animation
• Animation Pane
• Using the Spin and Appear Animation
• Animation Option