2-Hour Session Microsoft PowerPoint Creating Presentations



Microsoft PowerPoint Creating Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint Creating Presentations Course Summary

This course is designed to teach presentation creation skills using the installed version of
PowerPoint (not the online version). You can use the installed version on your desktop, laptop,
or Microsoft Surface device.

PowerPoint is a tool used to create presentations for use in front of a group or presented remotely
through Skype. This course is designed to demonstrate how to create a PowerPoint slide show.
The first step is creating an outline by typing in topics to be covered. Then, we will discuss how
to build the overall layout using templates and a master slide layout. Adjusting the positioning of
each page is also very important, as well as overall formatting as necessary. The final stages
include printing and presenting the slide show.

Concepts Covered:
• Outline View – The Outline View is used to create an outline for the initial development
stage. At this point, there is no need to focus on look or layout, only the content or the
message to be delivered.
• Slide Master – The Slide Master can be used to make global changes throughout the
presentation, including logos that appear on ever slide.
• Creating the Presentation
o Bullets – When adding bullets, the position, spacing, style, and size are topics to
be considered.
o Inserting Objects – There are many objects that can be placed to enhance the
overall presentation experience such as: SmartArt, charts, tables, pictures,
shapes, and screen captures.
• Delivering the Presentation – When you are ready to deliver your presentation, there
and several tips to help you effectively present.