2-Hour Session Microsoft Skype Remote Meetings



Microsoft Skype Remote Meetings

Microsoft Skype Remote Meetings

If a company goal is to conduct more efficient meetings, then a team must build the skills to use Skype.
Along with your Calendar, Skype can schedule shorter, focused meetings with no travel time. This will
improve the efficiency of meetings because the Calendar will notify everyone to begin on time. You can
also meet face-to-face online using various tools to communicate such as PowerPoint Online, Web
Conferencing, speak voice-to-voice across the Internet, or use Instant Messaging (chat). Understanding
the Status Indicators in Skype will help to locate people and determine when they will be in the office
which will help to increase overall productivity. This course will specifically cover the many uses of

Concepts Covered:
Skype Overview
This will cover how to use the overall functionality of the program and how to connect to others remotely.
The concepts covered are:
Message Status
Presence Status
Location, Search Bar
Connect With Someone
Color Status
Contact Card
Favorites, Group
Block Contact
Skype Tools
Each tool will be covered in detail, but you will find that many of the features work the same in each
product. The concepts covered are:
Instant Messaging
Web Conferencing
Share Desktop
Presentation Button
Invite More People.
Skype System Options
The system settings can be adjusted including:
Install Skype
Configure Default Settings
Add a Picture
Audio Settings
Record A Meeting
Skype Outlook Integration
Create A Skype Meeting in Outlook
Meeting Invitation Recipient
Conversation History