2-Hour Session Microsoft Word Critical Skils



Microsoft Word Critical Skills

Microsoft Word Critical Skills Course Summary

This course is designed to teach core skills using the installed version of Word (not the online version).
You can use the installed version on your desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Surface device.
Word is a valuable tool important for writing documents. It is imperative that this tool is completely
understood in order to take advantage of all its capabilities. For example, using the proper formatting,
following grammar rules, and using graphics effectively is extremely critical. Also, manipulating text
quickly and accurately will save time, and adding tables and bullets will make documents more
interesting and easier to read. This course assumes you already have some knowledge of Microsoft
Word, and only the highlights and most important elements of document manipulation will be covered.

Concepts Covered:
• Learn different selection techniques.
• Work with Document Views.
• Change the Character Formatting.
• Change Paragraph Formatting.
• Change Document Formatting.
• Enter Number and Bullets Lists.
• Use the Find and Replace tool.
• Use Checking Spelling, Grammar, and Autocomplete.
• Create Tables.
• Intermix Graphics and Text