2-Hour Session Microsoft Word Long Document



Microsoft Word Long Document

Microsoft Word Long Document Course Summary

This course is designed to teach Long Document features using the installed version of Word (not the
online version). You can only use the installed version on your desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Surface
When the need arises to organize a document in chapters or sections, make sure you use the features of
Word that will automatically position information globally throughout the document. For example, using
Styles and applying it to the Table Of Contents will save time. Many students already know how to use
Microsoft Office Word to create and format typical business documents, but Word also has the ability to
handle large documents, as well.

Concepts Covered:
Styles is an integral part of using Word and is a fundamental element of generating other functional
elements such as:
• Table Of Contents
• Index
Large Document
To create a book with chapters, there are many features that can be used to build a large document. These
features will allow you to add special features to your document such as:
• Bookmarks
• Footnotes
• Endnotes
• Captions
• Hyperlinks
• Cross-References
• Citations
• Bibliography
• Cover Pages
• Table of Figures
• Table of Authorities