2-Hour Session Microsoft Word Sections/Header/Footer



Word – Section Breaks and Headers/Footers

Microsoft Word Sections/Headers/Footers Course Summary

This course is designed to teach Section Breaks using the installed version of Word (not the online
version). You can only use the installed version on your desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Surface device.
Section Breaks will stop format from continuing on to the next chapter and will allow the chapter name
to be listed in the Header of the document. Other breaks will allow the Headers and Footers to continue
throughout the entire document.

Concepts Covered:
Section Breaks
The class will begin by explaining the different Page Break types and how they will affect the final
output of a document. Specific topics to be covered are:
Page Break
Next Page Break
Continuous Break
Odd/Even Page Breaks
How to stop format of titles between chapters.
How to display different page orientations on
each page.
Headers and Footers
This will cover how to manage Headers/Footers and how the program works with different types of
Mail Merge (optional topic)
This can be used to create labels, print addresses on envelops, create a directory list, and send emails to a
large list of people from the contacts folder or an external database. This topic is optional and will only be
covered if there is enough time.