CompTIA CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer

Duration: 3 days

CompTIA ® CTT+ ®

Hands-on Exercises


Dealing with student and instructor anxiety

How to prepare yourself for class

How to prepare the classroom

How to open and close the training day

Adult Learning

The T,V,I test of adult thinking

The four learning styles

The four thinking styles

The three types of classroom delivery

Concept vs. Procedure

How to better understand conceptual versus procedural teaching

How to build a concept tree for lesson delivery

About several setup techniques

About various delivery methods

How to effectively follow-up after delivering a concept

How to effectively apply the VCP model to courseware development

Concept Delivery

How to understand and effectively apply needs assessment tools

How to effectively pace a day of training based on the needs of your students

How to build and deliver analogies effectively

How to enhance your questioning techniques

Effective co-teaching and cooperative learning strategies

Presentation Skills

About the components of presentation skills

How to link effectively with your students

Classroom Management

The importance of prevention and control messages in your classroom

How to use effective control strategies in your classroom

The four-step approach to handling disruptive students


Identify the main characteristics of burnout and stress in training

Apply a five-step approach to dealing with and preventing burnout


Identify and apply the three levels of evaluation

Identify and apply areas of trainer growth

Media in the Classroom

Media design

Media presentation

Additional information


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