Dreamweaver CS5 Basic


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Dreamweaver CS5 Basic

Duration: 2 days 

Dreamweaver CS5 Basic is part of a two-course series, which is designed to help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate exam for Dreamweaver CS5. In this course, students will learn how to use Dreamweaver CS5 to create and modify Web sites. Students will learn how to plan and define a Web site; create pages and format text; define structural elements; create and apply CSS style rules; insert and modify tables, images, and links; test and manage Web site files; and publish a site.

Unit 1: Getting started

  • Topic A: Internet basics
  • Topic B: Project management basics
  • Topic C: The Dreamweaver CS5 interface
  • Topic D: Basic editing

Unit 2: Web sites and pages

  • Topic A: Planning tools and design principles
  • Topic B: Defining and building a site
  • Topic C: Working with code

Unit 3: Structure and style

  • Topic A: Structure
  • Topic B: Cascading Style Sheets

Unit 4: Tables

  • Topic A: Creating tables
  • Topic B: Table structure and formatting

Unit 5: Links

  • Topic A: Creating links
  • Topic B: Applying link styles

Unit 6: Image formats and attributes

  • Topic A: Working with images

Unit 7: Publishing

  • Topic A: Site checks and publishing

Appendix A: ACA exam objectives map

  • Topic A: ACA exam objectives

Please note that this content is meant to be a guideline.

Class material is subject to change and may be presented in a slightly different format than listed.  All Adobe class participants should bring their own device to class with the software pre-loaded.