Expression Web Advanced


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Expression Web Advanced

Duration: 2 days

Expression Web Advanced ILT Series courses, rated 4.9/5.0 in overall quality by ProCert Labs, builds on the skills and concepts taught in Expression Web: Basic. Students will learn how to create rollovers and apply behaviors, work with layers and dynamic layers, create HTML forms and ASP.NET forms, ensure valid form data by applying ASP.NET validation controls, work with Data Views, and optimize a Web site for publishing.  ExecuTrain of Northern Indiana offers multiple levels of Expression Web training.  Expression Web Basic is a prerequisite to this course and may be scheduled with us if needed.  
  • Unit 1: Standards-compliant Web sites
    • Topic A: Standards compliance
    • Topic B: Code snippets and IntelliSense
  • Unit 2: Interactive content
    • Topic A: Interactive buttons
    • Topic B: Behaviors
    • Topic C: Custom rollovers
  • Unit 3: Layers
    • Topic A: Creating layers
    • Topic B: Layer visibility
  • Unit 4: Layout tables
    • Topic A: Creating layout tables
    • Topic B: Working with layout tables
  • Unit 5: Web Forms
    • Topic A: Creating forms
    • Topic B: ASP.NET controls
  • Unit 6: Data-driven pages
    • Topic A: Dynamic pages
    • Topic B: Master pages
    • Topic C: Data Views
  • Unit 7: Site management
    • Topic A: Basic search engine optimization
    • Topic B: Error control
    • Topic C: Reports
    • Topic D: Accessibility