Full-Day Adobe Acrobat Advanced



Adobe Acrobat 11 / 12 – Forms and Customizing PDF

Adobe Acrobat Advanced Course Summary 

This LiveOnline course will cover advanced conversion techniques and customize job types that control the conversion file size and resolution. Students will also learn to optimize the existing PDF files by removing unwanted information. A big part of this course is the “Forms Development” which includes designing the form layout, adding the form types, as well as a discussion of calculations capabilities. Students will learn how to add sound, video and interactive buttons for navigation purposes and how to create and modify PDF documents for visually impaired individuals (508 compliant documentation). Many of the features are similar to CS4 and CS5; therefore, don’t hesitate to attend due to the differences in versions. If you do not have the application installed on the computer, please just give us a call to help install an evaluation version.  Note: The documentation supports both Adobe Suite CS6 (Version 11) and Adobe Suite CC (Version 12.)

Course Outline:

Advanced Conversion – PDFMaker, PDFMaker Settings Tab, PDFMaker Security tab, Require a password to open the document, Restrict editing, PDFMaker Word Tab, PDFMaker Bookmarks tab,   Save As Adobe PDF, Save As, Print, Open file types, From Web page, Combine files, Batch, Conversion Types, Job Comparison, Resolution and Size, Create New Job Settings, and Distiller.

Optimize PDF – Audit Space Usage, Down sampling, Embedded Fonts, Discard Objects, Discard User Data, and Cleanup.

Forms and Buttons – Add / Modify Form Fields, Form Field Properties, Options, Actions, Format, Validate, Calculate, Create from Word, Text Form Fields, Date Fields, Check Boxes,  Radio Check Boxes, Drop down lists, List Box, Validate form field, Calculate form field, Button, Reset form field, Submit Form Field, Editing Form Fields, Align, Distribute, Center,  Same Size, Duplicate Across Pages, Create Multiple Copies, Duplicating form fields, Form Mode, Adjust Tab Order, Show tab numbers, and Add/Modify Grid Lines.

Embedded Multimedia – Multimedia Supported, Create Interactive Buttons, Duplication of Buttons, Sounds Clips, Movie Clips, and Adding Multiple Actions.

Completed Documentation – Output Preview and Index.

Tagged PDF (508 Compliant) – Adobe Tag Panel, Tagged Graphics, Concert to PDF and PDF File Tags.