Full-Day Adobe PhotoShop Basic



Adobe Photoshop – Understanding Selection and Layers

Adobe PhotoShop Basic Course Summary 

This course will review image editing capabilities for modifying and touching up photos, and will help readers understand resolution and size for posting on the web or creating artwork. Selection of “raster images” is a big part of the course and will be explained in detail. Also, since the use of layers will help to isolate different elements of an image, the course will explain the effects of layers to blur a background which will highlight clearer images such as people, etc. This program is designed for aspiring graphic designers, photographers, or anyone who has a need to touch-up and fix photos. Many of the features are similar to CS4 and CS5; therefore, don’t hesitate to attend due to the differences in versions. If you do not have the application installed on the computer, please just give us a call to help install an evaluation version. Note: The documentation supports both Adobe Suite CS6 (Version 11) and Adobe Suite CC (Version 12.)

Course Outline:

Photoshop Environment – Tools Panel, Options Bar, Zoom, Menu Bar, Adobe Bridge, Mini-Bridge, Panels, Hide Panel, Info Panel, Document Window, Status Bar, File Information Box, Workspace, Reset, New Workspace, Delete Workspace, Keyboards Changes, Menu Changes, Document Ruler, Ruler tool, Guides, Drag Guide, Clear Guides, Grid, Undo, Redo, History, and Revert Command. 

Basic Drawing Tools – Brush, Pencil, Paint Bucket, Move, Eraser, Eye Dropper, Type tool, and Hand tool.

Resolution TypeResolution Type – Vector Graphics, Raster Graphics, Image Size, Pixel Dimension, Document Size, Image Resolution, RGB Color, CMYK Color, Lab Color, Grayscale, 8-bit vs 16-bit color, New Document, Save Presets, Background, Canvas, and Info Panel. 

Selection – Marquee tool Options, Rectangular Marquee, Elliptical Marquee, Single Row Marquee,Single Column Marquee,Lasso tool Options, Lasso tool, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Quick Selection, Magic Wand, Save Selection, and Load Selection. 

Layers – Layers Panel, Background Layer, Create a Blank Layer, Move Layer to File, Create Layer from Selection, Layer Indicators, New Group, New Group from Layers, Arranging Layers, Type Layers, Transform Layers, Free Transform, Merge Layers, and Flatten Images. 

Filter Effects – Filters, Convert for Smart Filter, Filter Gallery, Adaptive Wide Angle, Lens Correction, Liquify, Oil Paint, Blur Filter, Distort, Noise, Pixelate, Render, Sharpen, Stylize, Video,  Other, and Photo Filter. 

Layer Effects – Layer Styles, Blending Options, Bevel & Emboss, Stroke, Inter Shadow, Inter Glow, Satin, Color Overlay, Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlay, Outer Glow, and Drop Shadow. 

Saving Techniques – Saving, File Formats, Photoshop, BMP, CompuServe GIF, Photoshop EPS, JPEG, Photoshop PDF, Photoshop RAW, PNG, TIFF, Saved Standards, and Save for Web.