Full-Day Microsoft Access Advanced



Microsoft Access Advanced – Subforms, Events, Macros and Switchboard

Microsoft Access Advanced Course Summary

In this manual, we will cover all the controls used to insert fields into Forms and Reports. Also included are also manydatabase management tools to help organize and control data. The capabilities of Events (and how you would use an Event to trigger an action) will also be discussed. Furthermore, Macros is a fundamental aspect of Access that can perform many different operations for controlling data. Switchboards can allow you to create a menu system in order to access your FormsReports and QueriesNavigation Forms are a new way to navigate by creating a menu system to run FormsReports and Queries. Lastly, a Splashscreen can be used to provide version and contact information when a database is first opened. 

Course Outline:

 Chapter 1 – Report and Form Controls

In this chapter, you will learn how to use all of the controls and placing fields.

Chapter 2 – Events

An Event is the result of initiating an action on an object. This action could be as simple as positioning the mouse on a button , field, control, formrolling the wheel (on a mouse), or typing on thekeyboard, etc. The names on most Events start with the word “On” and when an Event is fired, it is executedEvents have much to do with time, and the words “before” and “after” will determine when the Event is firedEvents can be applied to Forms and Fields but fewer Events are needed to generate reports. We will cover MouseFocus BasedKeyboard, and Form Only Events.  

Chapter 3 – Macros  

Macro is a list of actions that will perform specific functions such as OpenForm which provides an alternative to VBA programming. There is no Macro recorder like other Microsoft Office programs because you must hand design them.

Chapter 4 – Switchboard Manager

The SwitchboardSwitchboard is an automated technique used to create a main menu linking FormsReports, and other modules that run from a main Switchboard.

Chapter 5 – Navigation Form

Navigation Form is a single Form with buttons to link to multiple Forms and Reports.

Chapter 6 – Advance Database Design

This chapter will cover advanced database management techniques. We will cover how to create aSplashscreenTableDatabase and other management techniques.