Full-Day Microsoft Outlook Advanced



Outlook Advanced


This course is designed for someone who uses email heavily for a help desk or one who responds to a general inbox. It is also for someone who supports end user’s efforts. The first step is configuring multiple email accounts. Email management will look at the size of e-mail, techniques to clean up email, organize email by sorting, filtering, conditional formatting, grouping, and other productivity tips. We will show students how to setup e-mail to respond automatically by keywords, as well as organize and filter incoming email automatically. For email broadcasts, we will show how to design email and the best times/days to send it in order for maximum response. Students will also be taught certain words to avoid in writing e- mails to prevent them being sent to the junk mail box, as well as, the most common mistakes of writing emails.

Concepts Covered
  • Configure Email Options – Google Accounts, Outlook Data files, Outlook Data File Location, Imap Account, IMAP Manual configuration and Pop Accounts.
  • Email Management – Folder Storage, Mailbox Cleanup tool, Auto Empty Delete Folder, Permanently display the BCC Field, Always Spell Check, Close Window when replying, Auto Reply to Read Receipt, Categories, Resending a message, Recalling a message, Adding Columns, Group By, Sort, Filter, Other Settings, Conditional Formatting, Format Columns and Reset Current View.
  • Rules Wizard – Sent or Received Messages, Condition, Action, Exception, Order of processing, Move Rule, Client side rules, Junk mail rules, Stop Processing, Specified Folder, Play Audio, Category, Forward, Reply with Template, Flag, Important Message, Delete It, and Junk Email.
  • Import /Export – Autoarchive, AutoArchive Default, Alternative Backup Techniques, Export, View exported data and Import.
  • Email Etiquette – Your relationship to the recipient, Recipient Reaction, High Importance, From Line, To Line, CC Line, BCC Line, Subject Line, Body – Greeting, Body – Leading
  • Paragraph, Body – Closing Paragraph and Body – Signature.
  • Email Broadcast – Junk Mail Folder, Junk Content filters, Adult Content Filter, Email Tone,
  • Formatting Guidelines, To and From lines, Safe Senders List, and Best time to send.
  • Mail Merge – Word Mail Merge, Create Beta List, Create Message, and Merge.
  • Advanced Contacts – Distribution Folder, People Pane, and Social Connector.
  • Advanced Calendar – Additional Time Zone and Add Holidays.
  • Zero E-mail – Duplicate addressees, Old Emails, Outdated folders, Inbox To Big, Zero Email System, Outlook Folders, Initial Email Process, Immediate Actions, ReRead, Archive, Other Rules Wizard, Subject Rule, Body Rule, Body/Subject, Rule E-mail address, Delete folder, Junk Mail folder, Junk Mail Filter, Categories, Flagging, Quicksteps, Schedule Time to Read, Other Internet Accounts, Set Expectations, Other means of information, Building a System, and Industry Acceptance.