HTML 4 and HTML 5 Training VILT


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HTML 4 and HTML 5 Training VILT

HTML 4 and HTML 5 Training VILT Course Summary

This course covers the foundations of HTML4, and HTML5. In order to understand HTML5, we must understand the core language of HTML4. Therefore, we will first discuss the HTML concepts of HTML Stucture (Page, Meta Tags, Paragraph Formatting, Text formatting, Hexadecimal Color, Links, graphics, Tables, and Lists). In the second part of the class, we cover the HTML5 new extensions and demonstrate those capabilities. Also, we will develop the code from a text editor, and then preview it in a browser. This will enable us to learn and develop the code. Finally, this course provides the foundation to furthering web development skills.



Introduction and Environment

HTML 4.01, HTML 4.01HTML 5.0,HTML 5.0 XHTML, XHTMLCSS,CSSJavaScript, JavascriptTag, TagStandard HTML Tags, Standard HTML TagsTitle, TitleBody tag, Body tagColor Names, Color NamesBody Background imageBody Background Image, Problems with HTML code, and Problems with html codeMetatags.

Formatting Tags

Line Breaks, Line BreaksBold tag,Bold tag Italic tag, Italic tagUnderline tag,Underline tag Strike, StrikeStrong, StrongSup, SupSub,SubFont Tag, Font TagParagraph Formatting, Paragraph FormattingHeaders, HeadersHTML Entities, Hexadecimal, Color Code,Hexadecimal Color CodeTTTT (), EMEM (), CodeCode (), SampSamp (), CiteCite (), DfnDfn (), VarVar (), KbdKbd (), Center,CenterAddress, and AddressKeep Line Together.Keep Line Together

Structured Content

Comments, CommentsHorizontal RuleHorizontal Rule, Unordered Lists, UnOrdered ListsOrdered List, Ordered ListNested OL and UL, Nested OL and ULDefinition List, Definition ListImages, Images AltPre, PreBlockquote, BlockquoteAlign text Middle/Top, Text flows around gif, ext flows around gifText flows between, and Text flows betweenColor border.


Links, Linkshref, Remote Hyperlinks, Remote HyperlinksGraphic Hyperlinks, Graphic HyperlinksEmail Links, Email LinksLink to a new page, Link to a new pageDefault file Path, Default file PathBookmark Links, Bookmark LinksCustomize Linked Bullets,Customize Linked BulletsImage Maps, Image Mapsand Link Color.

Creating Tables

Table tag, Table tagTable Row, Table Row -TRTable Header, Table Data, Table Data – TDParameters, Table Parameterswidth=”30%”, align=left (table), align=left (text), valign=top, bgcolor=red, background=redpin.gif, cellspacing=8, cellpadding=3, bordercolor=red, bordercolorlight=red, bordercolordark=blue, colspan=2, rowspan=2, nowrap, Embedded Images in a Tables, Embedded Images in a TablesTable Image Quilt, Table Image QuiltPage Layout using a Table, Page Layout using a TableNested Tables, and Nested TablesCreate Columns.

FormsCascade Style Sheets (CSS)

Input Form, radio, check box, dropdown, list box, submit, and reset.

Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)

Divisions, DivisionsSpan, SpanParagraph CSS, Paragraph CSSPage Definition,  CSS, Page Definition CSSExternal CSS, External CSSClass Selectors, Class SelectorsCSS Properties, Text and Fonts, CSS Properties Body/Background, CSS Properties Tables, CSS Properties UL Lists, CSS PropertiesID Selectors #IDname, ID Selectors #IDname and Apply a Sub-Selector.Apply a Sub-Selector.

XHTML StandardXHTML Standard

Parameters, BR tag, and TD tag

HTML5 Dynamic Content HTML5


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