Illustrator CS5 Basic


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Illustrator CS5 Basic

Duration: 2 days

Illustrator CS5 Basic is part of a two-course ILT series, which is designed to help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Illustrator CS5. This course covers the fundamentals of Illustrator CS5, which is used primarily to work with vector-based graphics. After getting familiar with the Illustrator CS5 environment, students will learn how to create a simple illustration by creating and manipulating shapes and by drawing and editing paths. Students will also learn how to apply color, gradients, and transparency. They will then learn how to work with text and layers.
Unit 1: Getting started
  • Topic A: The Illustrator environment
  • Topic B: Navigation
  • Topic C: Adobe Help

 Unit 2: Creating a simple illustration

  • Topic A: Creating a document
  • Topic B: Creating basic shapes
  • Topic C: Manipulating shapes
  • Topic D: Exporting an illustration

Unit 3: Applying basic color

  • Topic A: Applying color
  • Topic B: Stroke options
  • Topic C: The Eyedropper tool

Unit 4: Drawing paths

  • Topic A: Raster images
  • Topic B: Basic drawing
  • Topic C: Selecting and editing paths

Unit 5: Working with text

  • Topic A: Adding text
  • Topic B: Altering text

 Unit 6: Using layers

  • Topic A: Creating layers
  • Topic B: Manipulating layers

 Unit 7: Working with fills and colors

  • Topic A: Swatch libraries
  • Topic B: Gradients
  • Topic C: Transparency

 Unit 8: Adjusting typography

  • Topic A: Flowing type
  • Topic B: Formatting text
  • Topic C: Editing text

 Appendix A: ACE exam objectives map

  • Topic A: ACE exam objectives

All Adobe class participants should bring their own device to class with the software pre-loaded.