Microsoft OneNote Training 2013 VILT


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Microsoft OneNote Training 2013 VILT

Microsoft OneNote Training 2013 VILT Course Summary

This class is designed to cover the features and capability of OneNote 2013 and includes the differences of OneNote 2010. This is an electronic version of note taking similar to using a notebook binder. It is used for typing notes, collecting electronic information such as audio recordings, videos, electronic handwriting, pictures, email messages, Excel files, Word documents, etc. Once everything organized, you can search for specific content. You can also tag specific messages for quick recall using the search facility. As you attend meetings or school lectures or do internet research, you can type your notes, display pictures, and capture internet information electronically. This capability is available on OneNote 2010, OneNote 2013, Office 365 OneNote Online, or on a Touch Device.


Interface and Basics

Notebook 2013, Notebook 2010, Notebook Properties, Section, Page, Subpage, Clip Board, Basic Text, Styles, Tags, Email Page, Meeting Details, Outlook Tasks, Container, Move Page, Container, Mini Toolbar, Section Groups, Password, Send to Blog, Pinning, Quick Access Toolbar, and  Export.

Insert Ribbon Tab

Insert Space, Tables, File Printout, File Attachment, File Attachment, Spreadsheet, Diagram, Screen Clipping, Pictures, Online Pictures, Scanned Image, Link, Record Audio, Record video, Date, Time, Date&Time, Page Templates, Equation, Symbol, Send To OneNote, Default Template, and Template Creation. 

Draw Ribbon Tab

Type, Lasso Select, Panning Hand, Eraser, Drawing Tools, Colors & Thickness, Shapes, Insert Space, Delete, Arrange, Rotate, Ink to Text, and Ink to Math.       

History Ribbon Tab

Next Unread, Mark As Read, Recent Edits, Find By Author, Hide Authors, Page Versions, and Notebook Recycle 

Review Ribbon Tab

Bin. Spelling, Research, Thesaurus, Translate, Language, Password, and Link Notes.

View Ribbon Tab

Normal View, Full Page View, Dock to Desktop, Hide Authors, Page Color, Rule Lines, Hide Page Title, Paper Size, Zoom Out, Zoom In, 100% Zoom, Page Width, New Window, New Docked Window, Send to OneNote Tool, New Side Note, and Always on Top.

Duration (in days)

.5 (3 hours)


Additional information


Call 260-432-9077 or Email to schedule your class time