Project Management Advanced


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Project Management Advanced

Duration: 1 day 


Project Management Advanced builds on the skills taught in Project Management: Intermediate. In the Advanced course, students will learn about contracts, procurement, solicitation, integration, and the project management process. Course activities will cover discussing types of contracts, identifying the role of procurement planning, soliciting contractors, evaluating proposals, negotiating contracts, developing a project plan, and implementing a work authorization system. Students will also identify process groups and variables, write closeout reports, and identify different methods of project termination. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.

  • Unit 1: Procurement planning
    • Topic A: Fundamentals of contracts
    • Topic B: Procurement planning
  • Unit 2: Planning, soliciting, and selecting
    • Topic A: Solicitation planning
    • Topic B: Selection
  • Unit 3: Contract administration and closeout
    • Topic A: Contract administration
    • Topic B: Elements of contract administration
  • Unit 4: Project integration and plan development
    • Topic A: Integration
    • Topic B: Project planning
  • Unit 5: Implementing plans and controlling change
    • Topic A: Implementing the plan
    • Topic B: Controlling change
  • Unit 6: The project management process
    • Topic A: The process
    • Topic B: Initiation and planning
  • Unit 7: Execution, control, and project closeout
    • Topic A: Project execution
    • Topic B: Controlling a project
    • Topic C: Closing a project