Project Management Essentials


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Project Management Essentials

Duration: 1 day 


This 1-day course covers fundamentals of project management. Students learn to define projects, create a work breakdown structure, develop a project schedule, define a project change control system, estimate costs, and evaluate project performance.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • determine project participants, set project objectives, and plan projects.
  • create a work breakdown structure, sequence activities, estimate activities, and sequence dependencies.
  • use charts to develop a project schedule and calculate the critical path.
  • develop procedures for project change.
  • estimate costs.
  • measure project performance and create a project performance report.
  • Define the Project
    • Project Participants
      • Determining Influence of Stakeholders
    • Project Objectives and Planning
      • Identifying Benefits of Project Planning
      • Prioritizing Constraints in a Project
  • Activities and Dependencies
    • Project Activities
      • Creating a WBS
      • Refine Activities
      • Group Activities
  • Sequence Activities
    • Identifying Types of Project Activities
    • Creating a PERT Chart
  • Analyze Activities
    • Determining an Appropriate Level of Detail
    • Creating an Activity Analysis Form
    • Assigning Work
  • Estimate Activities
    • Estimating Project Activities
    • Identifying Problems and Opportunities
  • Sequence Dependencies
    • Sequencing Dependencies
    • Identifying the Effect of Slack
  • Project Scheduling
    • Develop the Project Schedule
      • Identifying Benefits of Schedule Development
      • Understanding Schedule Development Constraints
    • Techniques for Schedule Development
      • Identifying Mathematical Analysis Techniques
      • Understanding Network Diagrams
      • Identifying Arrow Charting Methods
      • Understanding Gantt Charts
    • The CPM and PERT
      • Understanding CPM Scheduling
      • CPM Calculations
      • Understanding Critical Path
      • Understanding Duration Compression
      • Calculating Float
  • Project Change Control
    • Define Project Change Control
      • Understanding Change Control System
      • Accommodating Change
      • Understanding Change Control Board
  • Financial Issues
    • Estimate Costs
      • Analyzing Historical Information
      • Identifying Financial Issues in an Organization
      • Estimating Cost
      • Identifying the Project Budget
      • Understanding Duration Effects On Cost
      • Estimates
      • Identifying Problems While Estimating Costs
  • Project Performance
    • Measure Project Performance
      • Determining Project Performance
      • Using Calculations in Earned Value Analysis
      • Controlling Project Cost
    • Report Project Performance
      • Understanding Project Reports
      • Understanding Progress Reports
      • Understanding Status Reports
      • Understanding Project Costs
      • Closing Projects
      • Understanding Final Project Report