Project Management Intermediate


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Project Management Intermediate 

Duration: 1 day 


Project Management Intermediate builds on the fundamentals taught in Project Management: Basic. In the Intermediate course, students will learn how to implement quality measures, handle project risks, acquire and motivate team members, and communicate effectively. Course activities cover identifying the characteristics and goals of quality management, create a quality management plan, conduct an audit, develop a quality control system, design a risk management plan, follow a qualitative risk analysis process, create a decision tree, and monitor and control project risks. Students will also discuss the characteristics of a good manager, build and maintain a productive team, and use analysis tools and reports to evaluate the performance of a project.

  • Unit 1: Quality management
    • Topic A: Fundamentals of quality management
    • Topic B: Quality planning
  • Unit 2: Quality assurance and control
    • Topic A: Quality assurance
    • Topic B: Quality control
  • Unit 3: Risk identification and management
    • Topic A: Fundamentals of risk management
    • Topic B: Risk management planning
    • Topic C: Risk identification
  • Unit 4: Risk analysis, response, and control
    • Topic A: Qualitative analysis
    • Topic B: Quantitative analysis
    • Topic C: Risk response
    • Topic D: Risk monitoring and control
  • Unit 5: Organizational planning
    • Topic A: Project managers
    • Topic B: Organizational planning
  • Unit 6: Staff acquisition and team building
    • Topic A: Staff acquisition
    • Topic B: Team building
  • Unit 7: Planning and distributing information
    • Topic A: Communications planning
    • Topic B: Distributing information
  • Unit 8: Project performance and conclusion
    • Topic A: Performance reporting
    • Topic B: Concluding a project