Using InfoPath with SharePoint 2010 Part 1 VILT

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This 2-day class will teach students how to use Microsoft InfoPath 2010 to create electronic
business forms for Microsoft SharePoint 2010.


  • Design and build InfoPath forms without writing code
  • Integrate data from SharePoint and other company systems
  • Create forms that offer a rich experience in the browser
  • Build views and dashboards to display form information


Lesson 1 Introducing Microsoft InfoPath 2010

  • Benefits of Using InfoPath 2010 with SharePoint 2010
  • New Features of InfoPath 2010
  • How InfoPath Works
  • Quick Tour of the Backstage View in InfoPath 2010
  • XML 101
  • Creating the Products.xml File
  • Adding Products.xml to the Form as a Data Connection
  • Using the Template to Create a Form Instance
  • Exporting the Template

Lesson 2 Form Requirements: Using a Decision Matrix

  • Form Templates
  • Where’s the Data?
  • Your SharePoint Version
  • Factors to Consider
  • The Design Checker
  • Combine Client-Based and Browser-Based Controls
  • Using the Decision Matrix

Lesson 3 Form Design Basics: Working with InfoPath Layout, Controls, and Views

  • Form Layout
  • Adding a Layout and Table
  • InfoPath Controls
  • Control Properties Ribbon
  • Understanding the Basics of Data Binding
  • Adding Controls to the Flight Delay Form
  • Adding a Submit Button with a Rule to the Flight Delay Form
  • Views
  • Adding a Second View to the Flight Delay Form

Lesson 4 Working with SharePoint List Forms

  • Basics of a SharePoint List
  • List Form Layout
  • List Form Fields
  • Calculated Fields
  • List Form Pages
  • Limitations of List Forms
  • Form Options

Lesson 5 Adding Logic and Rules to Forms

  • Primary Types of Form Logic in InfoPath
  • Working with Validation and Formatting
  • Using Functions to Set a Default Value
  • Adding Action and Formatting Rules
  • Working with Sections and Conditional Formatting
  • Using Rules to Create a Wizard-Style Form with Multiple Views

Lesson 6 Publishing and Submitting Form Data

  • Publishing Methods
  • Promoting Columns
  • Submitting to SharePoint
  • Publishing As a Content Type
  • Administrator-Approved Templates

Lesson 7 Using the InfoPath Form Web Part

  • Web Part Settings
  • Web Part Connections
  • Parameters
  • Other Parameters