WordPress Training Kickstart VILT


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WordPress Training Kickstart VILT


WordPress Training Kickstart VILT Course Summary

This WordPress Kickstart course is designed to give a basic yet thorough overview of the WordPress platform. It is suitable for anyone who wants to create a basic blog, a simple web site, or for anyone who suddenly finds themselves with the responsibility of maintaining a WordPress site.


Nowadays, almost everyone has an online blog, a place on the Internet to write and share information about interests, hobbies, topics, and news. But how does one go about starting and setting up a blog of their own? And how does one grow a blog into a full-fledged website?

WordPress is by far the most popular tool used by bloggers and website owners today. Millions of websites are powered with WordPress, from small businesses and independent bloggers to churches and nonprofits. Technically speaking, WordPress is a very powerful Content Management System, or “CMS”, written in a popular computer language called PHP. One of the beauties of WordPress is that you don’t have to be all that tech-savvy to get started with it, but at some point you’re probably going to want to know more.

Instruction Method

Virtual Instructor Led Training. Four hour course delivered interactively with instructor over the web.


Basic computer skills and familiarity with website and browser use. Broadband Internet access from a multimedia computer, and access to WordPress.org.


An Overview of the WordPress System
Your WordPress Dashboard and You

  • Site Stats Overview

Posts vs. Pages
The Posts Tab

  • Adding and Removing Posts
  • Edit Post Page
  • Tags and Categories

The Pages Tab

  • Adding and Removing Pages
  • Edit Page

The Appearance Tab

  • Themes and Customization, how to choose one and where to find them
  • Theme Options
  • Widgets Overview
  • Menus Overview

The Media (aka pictures) Tab

  • Adding and Removing Media
  • Editing Media
  • Where and How to use Media

The Settings Tab

The Links Tab

The Comments and Feedback Tabs

The Users Tab

The Tools and Store Tab

What is a Plugin?

Is WordPress really free?

Using My Own Domain Name


Students will receive a thorough introduction to the WordPress platform. Students will learn how to configure a blog site and will learn how to grow blog sites into websites. Students will learn how to customize the layout and appearance of pages, link to other pages and websites, and manage media including pictures on their site. Finally, students will learn the differences between the free WordPress.org site and paid WordPress hosting sites.


Additional information


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