About Our Courses

About Our Courses

ExecuTrain is a full-service training solution provider supporting businesses of all sizes across Northeast Indiana. We utilize world-renowned business partners and develop training solutions that offer the highest impact on your mission deliverables, along with the best return for your investment.

We specialize in delivering quality, high-impact training on many professional technology and business skill topics, and our educational staff is made up of qualified, seasoned trainers. Their expertise aids our customers in receiving mission-critical training that keeps you and your teams prepared for today’s business challenges.

Below you will find information about our courses.

Live Instructor-Led Courses (also known as Public Classes):

Live Instructor-Led Classes are classes that you take in person.  We have a full range of classes that we offer at our home office and provide live, instructor-led training on your company’s site as well.  We have 2 types of live instructor-led classes at ExecuTrain–Public and On-Demand.  Public classes run on a regular, pre-determined schedule here at our office and On-Demand classes are classes that you can take at whatever time works best in your schedule.  On Demand classes may be here at our office or at your company’s site.

On-Demand Training Option:

The on-demand training option is new to ExecuTrain and we are excited to offer a wide range of classes through this program.  Any class that is not a “public class” is a part of our on-demand training option.  The on-demand training option allows professionals the ability to select any class offered by ExecuTrain in our Course Catalog, and take it at any time that fits their schedule. Those taking advantage of the on-demand training option will need to give ExecuTrain of Northern Indiana a 30-day notification prior to their class time to enable us to prepare the course materials and secure a professional trainer for your class.  When signing up online, simply select the “on-demand training option” in the drop down menu for quick and easy registration.  We will be in touch with you to schedule your class.

Virtual Instructor Led Training:

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Classes (VILT) are classes that contain a live feed to your instructor.  The most common misconception about VILT classes is that participants believe the class is pre-recorded.  That is not the case!  The class is streamed live from a different location.  You will be able to interact with the instructor through your media feed.  The only difference between a virtual class and a live instructor-led class is that you will not be able to shake the hand of your instructor in a virtual class.  Everything else is live and fully interactive.  There are actual meeting times for your class and those times are listed in the drop down menu on each class sign up page.  Upon signing up for a Virtual Instructor-Led Class, we will process your order and send you a link to your class feed.  Our office facility may be used to access the class if you prefer a more structured classroom environment.  For more information about Virtual Classes and any required elements you might need, please contact us so we may help you!  (260) 432-9077.

Technical Certification Courses:

ExecuTrain offers a wide variety of certification programs including Boot Camps.  Please contact us for more details!