Room Rentals

Room Rentals / Facility Resources

Do you need a place to hold training for your group?  ExecuTrain has multiple options depending on the size of your group and the equipment you need.

  • All rooms are equipped with personal workstations
  • Rooms from 4-22 may be accommodated. We have 2 rooms with up to 4 workstations, 1 room accommodating up to 8, and a larger room capable of providing up to 22 users with PC workstations.
  • AV equipment is provided (Projector or 70″ TV’s) .  If you have questions whether your equipment will be compatible with our setup, please let us know.  Presenters may test the equipment in days leading up to their class times (please call first to make sure the rooms are not in use)
  • The use of the computers, AV equipment and internet access is included in the cost of your room
  • Learning requires fuel:  Refreshments and lunch can be provided at an additional cost

Have the space but need equipment?  Our room rentals run both ways.  Many companies have a room, but very few carry their own computer lab!  If computer hardware equipment is the only hurdle keeping you from training on-site, we can provide that piece for you by setting up a mobile computer lab.  If this describes your situation, give us a call (260) 432-9077, or use the vCita pop-up widget guide at the bottom of the screen to send us the details of your situation so we can assist you.