Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Instructor Led Training Classes (VILT) are online classes that contain a live feed to your instructor.  The most common misconception about VILT classes is that participants believe the class is pre-recorded.  That is not the case!  The class is streamed live from a different location.  You will be able to interact with the instructor through your media feed.  Like we tell people, the only difference between a virtual class and a live instructor-led class is that you will not be able to shake the hand of your instructor in a virtual class.  Everything else is live and fully interactive.  There are actual meeting times for your class and those times are listed in the drop down menu on each class sign up page.  Upon signing up for a Virtual Instructor-Led Class, we will process your order and send you a link to your class feed.  Our office facility may be used to access the class if you prefer a more structured classroom environment.  For more information about Virtual Classes and any required elements you might need, please contact us so we may help you!  (260) 432-9077.

Virtual classes are added to our site frequently.  To see the most current listings, click the icon below.  If you do not find a class that meets your needs, please contact our office at 260-432-9077 and we will join you on your search and ping our many resources to find a class that will work for you.