Flash Professional CS5 Advanced


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Flash Professional CS5 Advanced

Duration: 2 days

Building on the skills and concepts taught in the Basic course, this Advanced ILT Series course presents techniques for creating more complex Flash applications. Students will create and edit vector paths and mask layers. Students will also learn how to use advanced animation techniques, such as inverse kinematics, shape and motion tweens, and animated masks and filters. Students will then work with movie clips, use ActionScript 3.0 code to better control their Flash applications, and incorporate audio and video. Finally, students will learn some basic principles of project management, discuss issues related to image use and copyrights, and learn how to plan a Flash application.
This course will help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam for Flash Professional CS5. For comprehensive certification training, students should complete the Basic and Advanced courses for Flash CS5.

Unit 1: Vector illustration

  • Topic A: Creating vector paths
  • Topic B: Editing vector paths
  • Topic C: Using mask layers
  • Topic D: Using the pattern tools

Unit 2: Advanced animation techniques

  • Topic A: Inverse kinematics
  • Topic B: Shape tweens and animated masks
  • Topic C: Filter animation
  • Topic D: The Motion Editor

Unit 3: ActionScript animation

  • Topic A: Programming principles
  • Topic B: Event listeners and event handlers
  • Topic C: Modular code
  • Topic D: Special classes
  • Topic E: The Debugger

Unit 4: Interactive techniques

  • Topic A: Adding audio
  • Topic B: Scripting a link to a Web page
  • Topic C: Loading dynamic content

Unit 5: Video

  • Topic A: Flash video basics
  • Topic B: Video in Flash files

Unit 6: Managing your Flash project

  • Topic C: Image copyrights
  • Topic A: Project management
  • Topic B: Application planning

Appendix A: ACA exam objectives map

  • Topic A: Comprehensive exam objectives


Please note that this content is meant to be a guideline.

Class material is subject to change and may be presented in a slightly different format than listed.  All Adobe class participants should bring their own device to class with the software pre-loaded.