HP Training Architecting Server Solutions 15.21 VILT

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HP Training Architecting Server Solutions 15.21 VILT


HP Training Architecting Server Solutions 15.21 VILT Course Summary

The Architecting Server Solutions course prepares certification candidates for the Server Solutions Architect Exam which leads to HP ASE – Server Solutions Architect V2 certification. The course provides a presales technical review of HP’s server portfolio, including Rack and Tower, Enterprise (BladeSystem), Moonshot and Density Optimized (Apollo) server solutions. Students learn how to position HP server products to meet the business and technical requirements of customers while developing the necessary skills to effectively demonstrate product features and functions. A strong focus is placed on HP Gen9 server technologies and the use of OneView as an infrastructure management tool.


  • Differentiate between HP server solutions
  • Match customer requirements and technical needs with HP server solutions
  • Use HP tools and utilities to design HP server solutions
  • Recommend and design HP Rack and Tower server solutions
  • Recommend and design HP Enterprise (Bladesystem) solutions
  • Recommend and design HP Moonshot solutions
  • Recommend and design HP Density Optimized solutions
  • Demonstrate HP server solutions to customers


For specific prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications, see the certification description on the HP ExpertOne website.


Module 1 – Server Technologies

  • Explain how the accelerating pace of change requires a new style of IT
  • Describe the strategy and benefits of an HP Converged Infrastructure

Explain how HP ProLiant Gen9 server technologies make advancements in these areas:
A. Compute
B. Storage
C. Networking
D. Identify HP Converged Management solutions
E. Describe the HP approach to security for ProLiant Gen9 servers
F. State the HP best practices for power and cooling in the data center
G. Describe HP position and market share in the server solutions industry

Module 2 – HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions

  • Describe HP ProLiant rack and tower server families (DL and ML) and the workloads they target
  • Name the HP options with innovations for ProLiant Gen9 rack and tower servers
  • Specify appropriate internal storage solutions for ProLiant DL and ML servers individually and in dense
    rack packages
  • Use HP QuickSpecs

Module 3 – HP BladeSystem Server Solutions

  • Explain how the HP BladeSystem Gen9 portfolio provides solutions in the compute era
  • List the steps in the process of building a BladeSystem solution
    A. Select the operating environment
    B. Select the BladeSystem enclosure
    C. Select the interconnects and adapters
    D. Select the server blades
    E. Select the storage infrastructure
    F. Select the infrastructure management
    G. Select the power and cooling configurations
    H. Select the services

Module 4 – HP Density Optimized Server Solutions

  • Describe the features and functions of HP Apollo systems density-optimized servers
  • Explain why high-performance computing (HPC) is important
  • Discuss how case studies demonstrate that Apollo systems offer solutions for service provider and HPC customers

Module 5 – HP Moonshot Server Solutions

  • Explain how the HP Moonshot system addresses modern IT workloads with a new class of software-
    defined servers
  • Identify use cases for Moonshot servers
  • Identify customer success stories for Moonshot solutions

Module 6 – Planning and Designing HP Server Solutions

  • Describe how to assess the customer’s requirements and environment in order to develop an HP server solution, including:

A. Needs analysis
B. Segment analysis
C. Workload analysis
D. Site survey
E. Name the design considerations that must be taken into account when planning and designing a
ProLiant server solution
F. Discuss scenarios in which customers have successfully implemented ProLiant server solutions
G. Name the tools available from HP for selecting solution components and sizing and designing the

Module 7 – Preparing for Deployment

  • HP integrated Lights-Out (iLO) and iLO Federation
  • Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
  • HP representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface (API) and HP RESTful
    Interface Tool
  • HP Scripting Toolkit
  • HP Intelligent Provisioning
  • HP Smart Storage Administrator (SSA)
  • HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM)

Module 8 – Provisioning an Infrastructure

  • Explain how to use HP on-premise management tools to provision an infrastructure
  • HP OneView
  • HP Insight Control server provisioning (ICsp)
  • Explain how OneView and ICsp work together
  • Explain how OneView coexists with legacy management tools
  • Describe OneView extensibility

Module 9 – Maintaining a Server Environment

  • Insight Online
  • Insight Remote Support

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