Illustrator CS5 Advanced


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Illustrator CS5 Advanced

Duration: 2 days 

Illustrator CS5 Advanced is part of a two-course ILT series, which is designed to help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Illustrator CS5. In this course, students will learn more advanced techniques for working with paths, masks, fills, and strokes. Students will also learn how to use transformation tools, envelopes, filters, effects, and graphic styles. In addition, students will learn how to convert raster images to vector art and how to manage color settings, color separations, and print specifications. Finally, students will learn how to work with slices and how to optimize and export images for the Web.

Unit 1: Manipulating paths

  • Topic A: Path commands
  • Topic B: Masks

Unit 2: Enhancing fills and strokes

  • Topic A: Multiple fills and strokes
  • Topic B: Colors
  • Topic C: Patterns
  • Topic D: Brushes
  • Topic E: Symbols

Unit 3: Transforming shapes

  • Topic A: Using transformation tools
  • Topic B: Using envelopes
  • Topic C: Liquifying shapes
  • Topic D: Applying 3D effects

Unit 4: Effects and graphic styles

  • Topic A: Effects
  • Topic B: Graphic styles
  • Topic C: Perspective drawing

Unit 5: Converting raster images to vector art

  • Topic A: Tracing raster images
  • Topic B: Using Live Paint

Unit 6: Printing illustrations

  • Topic A: Color management
  • Topic B: Print specifications
  • Topic C: Color separations

Unit 7: Web files and graphs

  • Topic A: Slices
  • Topic B: Web graphics
  • Topic C: Graphs


Appendix A: ACE exam objectives map

  • Topic A: ACE exam objectives


Please note that this content is meant to be a guideline.

Class material is subject to change and may be presented in a slightly different format that listed.  All Adobe class participants should bring their own device to class with the software pre-loaded.