InDesign CS5 Advanced


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InDesign CS5 Advanced

Duration: 2 days 

InDesign CS5 Advanced is part of a three-course ILT series, which is designed to help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for InDesign CS5. This course builds on the fundamentals taught in InDesign CS5: Basic, ACE Edition. Students will start by learning how to create complex document structures, create tint and gradient swatches, and use object libraries and snippets to work more efficiently. Students will then learn how to create vector paths and wrap type on a path. Students will also learn advanced typography and composition techniques. In addition, they’ll will work with graphics, object styles, tables, special characters, the Story Editor, and with the CS Review panel. Finally, students will learn how to manage long documents.

Unit 1: Efficient layout

  • Topic A: Document setup
  • Topic B: Tint and gradient swatches
  • Topic C: Object libraries and snippets
  • Topic D: Item spacing

Unit 2: Vector paths

  • Topic A: Creating vector paths
  • Topic B: Vector paths and pictures
  • Topic C: Vector paths and type

Unit 3: Typography

  • Topic A: Manual type resizing
  • Topic B: Automated styles
  • Topic C: Graphics in typography
  • Topic D: Precise leading control
  • Topic E: Composition, hyphenation, and justification
  • Topic F: Horizontal spacing

Unit 4: Graphics

  • Topic A: Layer comps
  • Topic B: Transparency
  • Topic C: Object styles
  • Topic D: Transforming objects

Unit 5: Tables

  • Topic A: Creating tables
  • Topic B: Changing table structure
  • Topic C: Formatting tables

Unit 6: Text editing

  • Topic A: The Story Editor
  • Topic B: The CS Review panel
  • Topic C: Special characters
  • Topic D: Column, frame, and page breaks

Unit 7: Long documents

  • Topic A: Sections
  • Topic B: Tables of contents
  • Topic C: Indexes and cross-references
  • Topic D: Books
  • Topic E: Footnotes

All Adobe class participants should bring their own device to class with the software pre-loaded.