InDesign CS6 Fundamentals VILT


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InDesign CS6 Fundamentals VILT

InDesign CS6 Fundamentals VILT Course Summary

This LiveOnline class designed to create artwork for brochures, printing, or displaying on the web. InDesign is perfect for illustrations, brochures, and single page artwork. In this course, you will work with tools and features for the creation of high quality precision design layouts, and use selection capability to manipulate frames and objects within frames. Two very important tools used to adjust the image and the frames are the “Selection” and the “Direct Select” tools. Other important aspects are the “Master Pages” that can be used to create headers, footers, watermarks, or any object placed on the design to appear on multiple pages. During class, we will not only create a single brochure, but also a four-page brochure that will combine all the concepts of the class into a viable learning experience. Many of the features are similar to CS4 and CS5; therefore, don’t hesitate to attend due to the differences in versions. If you do not have the application installed on the computer, please just give us a call to help install an evaluation version.

Concepts Covered

  • Intro / Menu Overview – Menu Bar, Application Bar, Tools Panel, Control Panel, Panels, Document Window, Workspace, Menu, Keyboard, Preferences, Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool, Zooming, View Commands, Guides, Rulers, and Smart Guides.
  •  Common Capabilities – Type Tool, Type on a Path, Line Tool, Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool,
  • Polygon Tool, Hand Tool, Zoom Tool, Color Panel, Color Picker, Strokes Panel, Swatches Panel, Placing Text/Graphics, Copy Frame, Proportional, Frame Handles, Rotate, Selection, Special Characters, Vertical Justification, Stacking Order, Converting Shapes, Fit a Frame,  and Grouping Objects.
  •  New Document – New Document, Document Presets, Intent, Number of pages, Start Page #, Facing Pages, Start a new Document, Save Preset, Fewer/More Options, Page Size, Columns, Margins, Bleed, Slug, Inside, Outside, Inches Vs Pica, and Change Presets.
  •  Text Threading and Graphics Placement – Manual Text Threading, Simi-Automatic Text Threading, Automatic Text Threading, Thread between Text Boxes, Text Wrap, Alignment Panel, Corner Options, Live Corners, Story Editor, Dynamic Spelling, Text Overset, Bullets and Number, Add a Custom Bullet, Drop Cap, Rotate / Transform, Column Break, and Table.
  •  Master Page – Page Panel, Create Master page, Delete one of the facing Pages, Change a master name, Apply Master to Master, Apply Master to Page 1, Apply Master to Different Page, Create a new page, Place graphic on Master, Make the Graphic Transparent, Add a text box to a Master, View the results of the Master, and Add Page Numbers.


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