Though all we can see is snow…spring is in our sights at ExecuTrain!  Here is the Spring Public Class Schedule, covering the months of March, April and May.  There are several dates to choose from as you make your plans to be with us in the coming months.  Remember…professional training on course topics offered by ExecuTrain go with you throughout your professional career path.  Whether you’re in a stable position now and need extra training, or looking to make a move, professional training goes a long way in increasing your daily work production AND looks great on your resume.

Corporate decision makers take note! We are now offering bundled class offerings in both Microsoft and Adobe classes.  Do you have a team of people ready to be sent for additional training, or dollars in your training budget you need to account for?  ExecuTrain now offers bulk classes for businesses and individuals who are looking for more extensive training.  A bundle is a group of 3 classes at a special price.  With bundles, you can take all of your classes in one location with us and we’ll pass along additional savings to you.  You may use a bundle on 3 of the same class for 3 different people or send 1 person to 3 different classes.  The bottom line is–we’re flexible and will work with you to ensure you get the intended value of a bundle.

March April MayMarch-April-May